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  • Minister of Ed and Minister of Justice Signing RJ Proclamation for RJ Week
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In August 2012, 17 educators in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) embarked on a two-week long institute to explore the possibilities of Relationships First: Restorative Justice in Education. Beginning with an exploration of their own core beliefs and values, the educators dug deep to reflect on the many relationships that make up their school community and began their journey toward creating and sustaining healthy, inclusive relationships in schools. Since then, many others involved in education in NL have discovered the benefits of restorative justice in schools. In 2014 Relationships First: Restorative Justice in Education Consortium* was formed and engaged a wide variety of education stakeholders within and outside of the traditional schooling systems.

This website is designed as a resource to help us in our journey toward building healthy, inclusive school cultures by putting Relationships First. We share our insights and experiences on this site in hopes of learning together with others globally.  Please explore the site, send us feedback, and share your ideas.

Check out the video Ripples of Relationship: Educating with Restorative Justice!



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