Peace on Earth


Peace on earth
In the tops of the cedars
ten crows are quarreling.
They do not believe in
conflict resolution. Now
they are flying off, glaring
at each other. Nothing
has been settled.

                                                                                                                             ~Luci Shaw

I love the poetry of Luci Shaw and was delighted to find this one recently. We often watch the crows in the treetops of our backyard as we eat our daily meals. We are amazed at their size, their ingenuity, their attentiveness, and their ability to squabble and caw as they scavenge their latest treats from the compost bin.                           

At Christmas time, regardless of our different perches, I sense humanity celebrates the hope for peace as we search for and magnify the moments we share with others that give us glimpses of life without fear, glimpses of what is possible is the midst of our various challenges.

This has been an incredible year for Relationships First here in NL. The grassroots movement is growing; the launch highlighted the interconnectedness of people working with children and youth in the province; the table where we meet is being made larger; there are many who are hearing about what is happening in different classrooms, schools, and communities and know that there is something different in this way of being that acknowledges our ability to quarrel and fight, but also recognizes that there are ways to support and hold each other accountable in our daily routines as well as those times when we cause or are recipients of harm. We are also excited to think about how Relationships First can embody the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations and become a bridge that authentically connects aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities in this province.

Our schedule for professional development in 2016 has been planned so that every month there will be one or more opportunities for people to be introduced to or grow in their understanding and practice of a way of being that is rooted in honouring the worth and interconnectedness of all. We’re excited about the people who are asking to be involved. We are excited about the very experienced people who will be facilitating these workshops.

From the tops of the pine
and spruce of NL
hearts stretch out
toward the possible impossibility
of Peace on earth.

On behalf of all the partners of RF-RJNL Consortium have a wonderful Christmas season and a peaceful 2016


   Photo credit: Elizabeth