The development of healthy relationships is the best way to end violence.

The resources listed below focus on themes of belonging, emotions, conflict and conflict resolution as well as the importance of developing connections with others. As teachers, you know your students’ likes and dislikes, their backgrounds and what may/may not be appropriate for them. Please make sure that the resources you chose fit the needs of your students. Be sure to visit us on Pinterest and Twitter for more information and resources.

Resources for Primary/Elementary Teachers  

  • One by Kathryn Otoshi
  • Two Tall Houses by Gianna Marino
  • Social Intelligence by Sara Antill
  • Emily Included by Kathleen McDonnell
  • The Way I Feel by Janan Cain
  • The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neil
  • The Cat With Seven Names by Tony Johnston
  • The Sharing Circle by Theresa Meuse-Dallien
  • Crazy Hair Day by Barney Saltzberg (video)
  • When The Dust Settles by Louise Johnson (video)

Resources for Junior/Senior High School Teachers 

  • Random Acts by Valerie Sherrard
  • Walking After Midnight by Kathy Hutchison
  • Whatever by Ann Walsh
  • Forging Justice by Margaret Murray
  • Voices by Ursula Le Guin
  • Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen
  • Lockdown by Walter Dean Meyers
  • Empathy by Brené Brown (video)



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